Product Review: The New Protimeter Hygromaster L

In this review, I will be looking at the new Protimeter Hygromaster L (Lite) which is the latest fast response thermo-hygrometer.  I will take a look at the features and give a general overview of this device.

As this is very much an alternative model to the Hygromaster 2, I will compare and contrast the features to give an idea of the differences between the two devices.

Initial impressions

The BLD7750L package comes with the following:

  • Hygromaster L
  • Short HygroStick
  • 9V battery and mini screwdriver
  • Instructions
  • Black velcro close carry case

The Hygromaster L comes with a simple black carry pouch which has ample space to hold the device and any accessories. The addition of the two side pouches is handy as well as it means that the QuickStick / HygroStick are easily accessible in the separate compartments.

Hygromaster L

The Hygromaster L has been designed as a stripped back and more affordable version of the Hygromaster 2. The two devices essentially use the same casing with the Hygromaster L blocking off the ports that are not in use.

The Hygromaster retains the similar design ethos which can be found right across the Protimeter range with the familiar grey and orange curved design and anti-slip rubber frontage. The Protimeter suite of devices has a near flawless design which matches style with practicality. The device has a premium feel, its comfortable to hold and easy to read with its clear 2″ TFT display.

You will see from the unboxing video just how easy it is to set up and use. The device gives a lightning fast snapshot of the air temperature and humidity levels without any long wait for the device to reach equilibrium. There is really no learning curve when using this device as you are only depending on one screen.

During a recent property inspection, I was able to test out the Hygromaster and I was really impressed with how quickly I was able to diagnose high humidity levels within a property I was surveying. The property in question felt humid but I really wanted to confirm this and find out whether the readings fell above that critical 70%RH mark.

After testing, I was quickly able to discover the readings were very high which led to further investigations. I was really pleased with how the meter performed and felt confident in the results I was receiving. The meter has a pause function which freezes the results you can see on the screen, this meant I was able to take a reading and then pause the screen and discuss the findings with a colleague and the tenant.

Hygromaster L vs Hygromaster 2 Comparison

The main differences between the two devices are as follows:

Hygromaster L & 2 comparison

For me, the lack of data logging functionality is not a huge loss for the Hygromaster L but the big difference comes in the infrared thermometer. The IR thermometer on the Hygromaster 2 allows for the unit to carry out a condensation risk assessment by assessing the difference between the surface temperature and the dew point temperature. It gives a handy green, yellow or red indicator showing the risk of condensation.

So if the condensation detection function is something that is important to you I would suggest upgrading to the Hygromaster 2. The Hygromaster L does still give you the temperature, relative humidity and dew point readings which for me are the essential things you want to know when you are looking to make an on the spot judgement of the risk of condensation.

Looking at the costs, the Hygromaster L is coming in at £295+vat whereas the Hygromaster 2 is £389+vat. The price difference is within a range that does make the lite version look enticing in comparison. I have listed all of the prices below along with the Protimeter BLE.

Protimeter costs

Hygromaster 2 & L


The Hygromaster L is a lightning-quick and easy to use thermo-hygrometer. It would be the perfect complementary device to the likes of a Surveymaster.  It produces instant temperature, relative humidity and dew point readings which allows you to make your own on the spot judgement as to the risk of condensation within a property.

This lower cost alternative to the Hygromaster 2 holds its own with excellent accuracy and speed of response. If you are stuck between the two devices and are not fussed with having the infrared thermometer then the Hygromaster L is for you.



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